First of all: HELLO TO EVERYONE!!! 

This is the place I am going to upload my sim custom content. Usually, I upload to, but sometimes I put stuff up here like tiny updates - or I just do not want to wait till mts2 approves of my stuff and upload it here first. 

- you are allowed to upload my stuff with your sims, but please, give credit.
 - You are NOT allowed to upload my stuff on paysites.
 - you are NOT allowed to use my textures to create your own custom content. 
My stuff is share friendly, but I have to draw the line somewhere, mkay?

 on to the

January 29th: Total website overhaul XD Take a look at the link menu to the right, you'll notive the new posts. 

In Skintones: 1 Set with matching eyes and facemasks 

In Hair: Three male hair retextures, one female hair retexture





The MISC - post was deleted. Now you will find downloadable sims here ^_^


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